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15 Facts About Love: Things you may not know

Christmas is the time of year where if you’re in a relationship, my goodness, you are going to have a spring in your step.
When you are your partner are happy, people notice it as if you have a sticker on your forehead saying “Warning. I could burst due to happiness”.
You have that glowing look, you may even start daydreaming and hey, there’s nothing wrong with that, especially if you still feel this way after years together, which can happen!
Other than this, many different things happen when we are in love with someone who also loves you back. It’s a wonderful feeling in life when you look at someone and you know they feel the same way.

This blog post here by You Queen has listed 15 different facts about love which could interest people whose hearts are currently fluttering with lust and that squishy feeling.

One of the first points is about animals (which is adorable).
There are animals that mate for life and once they have met each other. Can you imagine a cute little penguin flapping their wings with excitement at the sight of their partner? Yes, this does happen and there’s no reason it can’t happen for humans, too.

 quote on 15 facts about love


Apparently, the animals that are most likely to stick together through thick and thin are mostly birds. This could mean that even if they migrate due to the change of seasons, they will do it together for the rest of their lives. No long distant relationships for these birds!

Another interesting point told on this post is that love is a drug (cue Roxy Music song). This actually means that you get the same feeling as cocaine when you’re in love.
With love, you can feel very happy-go-lucky and day dreamy, which is the similar reaction. That explains that when you are in a relationship, you just can’t concentrate.

The eighth point of this blog post may be very true to most of us which is the fact we lose our minds when we’re in love.
Of course, you’re going to feel a bit bonkers due to the crazy happiness due to the fact that an absolute dreamboat has walked into your life.
It feels like you’ve hit the relationship jackpot and you’re going to be buzzing like a little bee.

Hormones kick in and they have the same components as someone with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. So this literally means that you could start obsessing about them.
Just remember: hold your horses and don’t scare them off too soon! If you’re not acting like you usually would, chances are you’ll do something you wouldn’t usually do (like act obsessively) which could show them a side of you that.. well.. doesn’t usually exist!

To read the rest of this very intriguing blog post, click here.

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