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3 Motivation-Boosting Crystals to Help You Achieve Greatness

We all suffer from days where we struggle to find the mental and physical energy to get things done. Even when you want to make a start on a particular task or activity, something within you holds you back and stops you from achieving your potential.

The good news? This feeling won’t last forever. Most people manage to find their missing motivation again and break out of their rut with the help of exercise, socialising, and rest. If you fancy taking a spiritual approach, you could also try meditation or healing crystals. Unsure where to start? Here are 3 motivation-boosting crystals designed to help you achieve greatness.


When your brain is full of ideas, you can feel as though the world is your oyster. However, despite all that potential, if you lack the motivation to actually get started and make your dreams a reality, you’re not going to get very far.

If you’re in need of a motivation boost, a Pyrite crystal could be just the thing you need. Pyrite will give you the vitality you need for personal growth and development. By wearing it around your neck or hiding it in your pocket you’ll be blessed with a sudden urge to tackle all those exciting projects you’ve been putting on the back burner.


It’s only natural to suffer from creative block now and then but if it’s your job to create things, a block can be extremely stressful. You may start to panic when you’re stuck for ideas and we all know that panic can be detrimental to productivity! Your brain will go into protest mode, depleting your motivation in the process.

Whether you’re an artist, writer, designer or architect, by making sure you have a Carnelian at your side you can encourage the creativity within you to flow through your body.


When we worry, it can become extremely difficult to find the motivation within ourselves to take action and get things done. Thankfully, Larimar can promote relaxation and bring you serenity. You’ll find yourself immersed in more positive vibrations and you’ll feel ready to get started on whatever it is you’ve been putting off. Larimar will expel mental blocks and nurture a ‘can do’ attitude, enabling you to thrive.

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