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4 Ways To Know Your Psychic Reader Is A Good One

Wondering how to tell whether your psychic reader is gifted or not? Here are 4 signs your psychic reader knows exactly what they’re doing:

They don’t judge you

When visiting a psychic reader, you should feel comfortable enough to open up without fear of judgement. Even if you admit to doing something your reader might disagree with, they should leave their judgements at the door and push all personal feelings to one side.

For example, let’s imagine you tell your reader that you cheated on your partner a couple of years ago and you’re feeling tempted to be unfaithful again. Rather than judging you for your decisions, your reader should be supportive and should guide you in the right direction rather than threaten you or evoke fear.

They don’t scare or threaten you

A good psychic reader won’t do anything to scare or threaten you – despite what the movies might lead you to believe. Your reading should be relaxing and almost therapeutic.

If your psychic reader intimidates you in any way or they try to convince you that your life is going to be all doom and gloom from now on, they’re probably not the real deal. Some psychic readers do this to try and get more money out of their clients. Frustratingly, it often works because people will pay a lot of money to have curses lifted, unaware that these black spells don’t actually exist.

They’re honest with you

If you ask your reader a question and they’re unable to answer, don’t assume they don’t know what they’re doing. A good psychic will be honest about their abilities and if they’re unable to answer a particular query, they’ll tell you like it is. Think of it this way: would you rather your reader tell you the truth or make up an answer which could lead you down the wrong path?

There are some questions a psychic simply cannot tell you. Whether you want to know the winning lottery numbers or the date of your death, it’s probably a good thing that some things remain a mystery.

They encourage you to make your own choices

If you were hoping for your psychic to hold your hand and create a plan of action for your life ahead, you may be a little disappointed. A good psychic reader will encourage you to make your own decisions in life and venture down a path of your choosing. Sure, they may give you a nudge in the right direction while giving you an insight into what could lie before you, but they’ll never actually tell you what to do. Nor will they tell you that a particular choice is wrong.

If you want to be feel inspired and energised to make the most of your life, a psychic reading can be a great way of gaining a fresh new outlook on life.

How To Know If Your Psychic Reader Is A Good One

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