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40 Weird Things That Happen When Your Boyfriend Is Your Best Friend

This blog post called “40 Weird Things That Happen When Your Boyfriend Is Your Best Friend” from Lexi Herrick is very sweet to read because it is such an easy, enjoyable read. You can skim through it and still find points which make you laugh out loud at how true they are.

A lot of these points talk about how being comfortable with each other opens up a new realm to your relationship, which can be very funny indeed. The list includes inside jokes that only you and your partner know about. This isn’t just for young women, who it’s targeted at.

This can happen in all relationships and these jokes can be something that happened last week or ten years ago that you still find hilarious. It’s great when a relationship you have still keeps you smiling because then you can use that personal joke to perk up any situation.

40 weird things quote

#14 is a brilliant one. “You have had many occasions where you have laughed uncontrollably at something and had that amazing moment in between gasps that you look over and realize you’re in love with the way he laughs.” And this will probably make many people smile right now.

A lot of people have a very different sense of humour to their partner and some people may have one that is the exact same. There is nothing better than laughing with someone you love so much that it makes you cry. Laughing with someone can make you bond better and it really sky rockets your mood into happiness.

Many of these points are really lovely and they show how close you can be to your partner and it’s something never to take for granted. For example, #20 says “You are pros at napping and cuddling” which is bang on for this time of year.
There’s nothing better than cuddling up and falling asleep when it’s chilly outside. Putting on a DVD and getting so warm with each other that you fall asleep is something that probably happens all too often. There’s nothing wrong with that, only just that you missed the film!

Other points talk about silly things you do when you’re in a couple, such as taking silly photos together or doing something embarrassing in public. Doing these types of things is what keeps us young at heart, having our partner as a best friend is the best thing we can ask for. They always say, marry your best friend. However, if you have your best friend and you happen to find them gorgeous, you’ve hit the jack-pot.

For the full blog, click here.

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