5 Signs You’ve Found A Friend For Life

Every once in awhile, someone might enter your life who you have an instant connection with. Although you might not love this person in a romantic sense, there’s a special bond between you that’s stronger than so many of your other relationships. Here are 5 signs this person is a friend for life:

They’re part of your family

Do you ever feel as though your family love your best buddy almost as much as you do? Perhaps your friend feels so comfortable around your family that they don’t think twice about popping over to see your parents, even if you’re not home!

When your pal fits effortlessly into your clan, this could be a sign you’ve found a friend for life.

You tell them your most embarrassing secrets

If there’s nothing you won’t share with your friend, this could be a sign that you’re friends for life. You’ll happily tell them your embarrassing secrets and awkward tales. But then again, your friend is probably there when most of these things happen!

There’s no one you’d rather hang out with

Your friend is your favourite person in the world and there’s no one you’d rather hang out with. When you’re together, there’s never a dull moment and the slightest thing they do makes you laugh until you cry.

You sometimes get a little too comfortable around them

From taking your bra off at their house at the end of a long day to raiding their fridge without permission, you sometimes get a little too comfortable around your friend. No matter what you do, you know your friend would never judge you or think badly of your actions.

You don’t have to speak every day but your bond is always strong

Although the chemistry between you and your friend is clear for all to see, you don’t necessarily have to speak every day to maintain a strong bond. In fact, if you went a couple of months without seeing one another, your friendship would be as strong as ever when you’re finally reunited. After all, true friends are never apart; maybe in distance, but never in heart!

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