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5 Tarot Tips For Beginners

If you’re interested in unlocking the power of the Tarot and becoming a talented reader, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for our 5 top Tarot tips for beginners:

1 . Take it step by step

There’s a lot to learn and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. By taking things one step at a time, your confidence will grow and before you know it, you’ll be an expert. Trying to tackle everything at once is a sure-fire way to leave yourself feeling stressed and depleted.

2. Draw a Tarot card a day

One of the most effective ways of learning Tarot involves drawing one card each day. Ask each card a simple question such as “what should be my main focus today?” before investigating the card’s meaning. At first, you may have to use Wishing Moon’s Tarot resources to determine what each card means, but as each week passes, your knowledge will grow and you’ll become more familiar with each card’s value.

3. Pay attention to the card’s picture

Don’t just rely on the internet to teach you each card’s meaning. Before looking for external support, pay close attention to the picture on the card and try to understand for yourself what it might mean. Try to relate the image on the card to recent experiences and your life at present.

4. Nurture your intuition

Your intuition plays an important role in Tarot reading. Rather than relying on books and online resources, tap into your intuition and listen to what it tells you. In some cases, you may be flooded with emotion and wisdom within seconds of choosing a card. The mere sight of it could evoke powerful thoughts that lead you down a new path in life.

5. Work with a friend

Do you have a friend who also has an interest in learning Tarot? If so, this can be a fantastic way of growing your skills while also having fun and strengthening your friendship.

No two Tarot readers operate in the same way and it’s only natural to project our thoughts, feelings and experiences into each reading. By working with someone else, you can gain someone else’s perspective and expand your knowledge.

5 Tarot Tips For Beginners

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