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5 Things That Happen When You Become Your Own Best Friend

Whether your best friend is your partner or someone you’re not romantically linked to, it’s lovely to have that one person you can always turn to. However, on a quest to find that special someone to share a unique bond with, many of us overlook the one person we’re going to spend our entire lives with: ourselves!

So why not make an effort to become your own best friend? You don’t have to abandon those you already care about, but you do have to learn to love your own company and become comfortable spending time alone.

You become more independent

One of the best things about being your own best friend is the sense of independence you experience. You don’t need to wait around for other people before you do things you enjoy. From going to the cinema on your own to exploring an unfamiliar city solo, you don’t need to rely on others to enjoy the world.

Relationships with others are a crucial part of being human, but our relationship with ourselves is perhaps even more important. It’s naive to assume that those we love will be with us throughout our whole lives. Although people might accompany us for part of the journey, we need to have the strength to embark on some of it alone!

Your relationships with others improve

When you love and respect yourself, your relationships with others are likely to improve because you’ll be less likely to settle for less than you deserve.

By becoming your own best friend, you’ll get to know yourself better and as a result, you’ll know exactly what you’re looking for in other people. You’ll be able to rule out those your incompatible with while attracting those who can complement your personality perfectly.

You find it easier to roll with the punches

When you become your own best friend, you’re less likely to get upset when life throws hurdles or disappointment your way. Instead of getting bogged down, you’ll become a natural at rolling with the punches!

For example, if a friend, relative or partner cancels plans, you won’t take it personally or see this as a rejection. You’ll instantly know that their cancellation isn’t about you – something’s just come up. When you learn to enjoy spending time alone, you’ll soon find another fun activity to do!

You cope better with loss

Whether you’re going through a breakup with your boyfriend, a fall out with a friend or the loss of a relative, it’s only natural to experience a period of grief after such a huge life change.

Grieving is healthy and a necessary journey on our road to recovery, but if you identify as your own best friend, you may emerge from the healing process faster than if you lacked self esteem.

As your own best friend, deep down you know that you’ll emerge from a sad or traumatic experience stronger than ever before and ready to tackle anything life throws at you. You’ll also be kinder and more considerate to yourself during difficult times.

You certainly don’t need to deal with grief alone, however. Don’t be afraid to reach out to friends and relatives for help and support.

You handle criticism better

As your own best friend, you’ll handle criticism better than you would if you didn’t love yourself.

When you lack self-esteem, you may take negativity to heart and get upset when those around you say mean things. By taking care of yourself and respecting your own personality, you’ll become a stronger person and will be able to take take criticism on the chin.

5 Things That Happen When You Become Your Own Best Friend

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