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5 Things You Need To Know About Astral Projection

Astral projection is basically an out-of-body experience which involves the astral body leaving the physical body. Some people experience this odd sensation during a period of illness or in the event of a near death experience. However, it’s also possible to practise astral projection at will. Here are 5 things you need to know about astral projection:

Find the right time of day for you

Although there are no concrete rules when it comes to finding the best time to astral project, many believe it’s easier to achieve when attempted early in the morning. This is because it’s said to be much easier to reach the necessary state of relaxation when you’re tired and drowsy.

Create a peaceful atmosphere

To astral project, you need to achieve a state of deep relaxation and comfort. You’ll probably find that your bed or sofa is the best place to achieve this but some people prefer to lie on the floor.

For best results, practise this technique when you’re home alone. Noises and distractions can make it extremely difficult to achieve an astral projection, particularly if you find yourself focusing more on those around you than you are at the task in hand.

Crystals can strengthen your astral projection skills

Holding a quartz crystal in your hand can help to raise and speed up your vibrations while also helping you achieve a deeper sense of relaxation. Alternatively, lie on your back and place the crystal on your forehead where your third eye is located. Some people choose to place the crystal on their chest to slow their heart rate and reduce any nerves and anxiety.

You need to reach a hypnotic state

Try to reach a state where you’re on the brink of sleep without fully drifting off. Keep your eyes closed and focus on a part of your body such as your hand, foot or one of your toes. Continue to focus on this body part and imagine moving it without physically instructing your body to do so. As time goes on, start to imagine moving more and more parts of your body without physically moving a muscle.

Fear can break your projection

Some people begin to feel scared when they’re on the very brink of astral projection. As soon as their astral selves leave their bodies, they panic and drag themselves back down to earth. Try to conquer this fear and, when you feel that your mind has left your body, look around you and appreciate your surroundings.

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