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Are dreams a look into the future?

Dreams. Some say they help us to process everyday emotions that our conscious selves are too busy to explore; others suggest they are there to show us our deepest thoughts and strongest desires. Then there are those who talk about dreams having a predictive function, i.e. dreaming about future events and experiences; this is also known as precognitive dreaming.

Precognitive dreaming is a psychic gift that can be granted to anyone. Many of us have experienced the déjà vu feeling of walking into a place and feeling certain that we had seen it in our dreams before, with memories right down to the tiniest details. Or instead of a dream about a place, it could be an activity, a conversation or even a person that we encounter during our sleep then sometime later, experience in reality.

Why do precognitive dreams happen? Many have experienced predictive functions of dreams as some kind of warning for a dangerous or harmful future event. For example, many claim to have dreamed about the tsunami in Japan before its actual occurrence. For warnings closer to home, dreams often happen to warn an individual of fires in the neighbourhood, car accidents, burglaries or even an extra-marital affair of a spouse. These dreams let you know ahead of time what you will be faced with, so you can prevent or prepare for the event.

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