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Are Women More Psychic Than Men?

For many years now, the question has been debated whether women are more psychic men. Traditionally, it would be a woman who would give a psychic reading and who would act as a psychic medium. However, in popular television series, a large amount of men actually become the psychic medium and help in solving investigations. So which is more psychic?

The truth is, how psychic you are depends on how you develop your psychic skills and how you communicate with the spirit world. Gender will not affect this; it is mainly down to your individual journey.

Many people believe that at birth, a child has a small amount of psychic ability. As the child grows, this psychic ability is either nurtured and encouraged or suppressed.

In many instances, the psychic gift will be suppressed as the physical world is too much of a distraction. As technology also increases, it is believed that more people in the modern age are less able to connect to their psychic abilities due to the fact that there are too many electrical waves in the air from machines and communication devices which block energies and psychic abilities.

Those people that are able to nurture their psychic ability may find that they are able to develop their skills in such a way that they can become a psychic medium in later life.

This person may feel like that they are particularly in tune with the universe if they can tell who is on the phone before rings, if they regularly feel “gut” feelings, or are particularly in tune with family members and friends, and so on. They may not necessarily have spoken to or had communication with the spirit from the spirit world, and in fact some psychics never communicate directly with spirit at all.

After a person has discovered that they have some kind of psychic ability, it is up to them to develop this into something usable and tangible.

For this, they need to employ various skills. The first thing that a psychic medium will do to develop their skills is to meditate. Meditation is a lost art but it really can help a person to clear their mind and to clarify their energies around them. This is something that many psychics will do. A person who is trying to develop their skills so that there can be more psychic might also burn candles in the house, or perform rituals to help encourage spirits to communicate.

In essence, a psychic is not psychic because of their gender. Whether you are a man or a woman does not affect ability to be psychic, it is about your individual journey and development of your spiritual gift.

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