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Are you blocking your spirit guides?

Your spirit guides are there to offer you guidance through life, to act as a source of light and encouragement. However, many of us don’t experience this and it could be you that is standing in the way of your spirit guide. Things like our attitude and our diet can affect the connection we have with our spirit guides.

This article at RiseEarth identifies seven common problems people face when connecting with their spirit guides.

Inexperience can affect this connection, however it needn’t be an issue, keeping an open heart and learning to relax your mind through meditation can help.

Being disorganised is another factor. According to the article, the state of your affairs can reflect your heart. Clean space, clean spirit! Create the most appealing and welcoming atmosphere for your spirit guides.

Is there lots of chaos and drama in your life? Being agitate, unfocused and closed off can make it difficult to connect with your spirit guides. Banish the negativity and fear in your life and replace it with positive energy.

For more signs on what could be blocking your spirit guides, visit RiseEarth to read the article in full.

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