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Are You Ready for Marriage? Questions You MUST Ask Your Partner First!

Are you hoping to marry your partner in the near future? Or perhaps you’re wondering if you’ve made the right decision in agreeing to marry your significant other? A team of relationship experts share with us the critical questions partners should be asking before heading down the aisle.

Children. Have you and your partner discussed the prospect of children? Have you both discussed whether or not you would like children, and who would be the primary care giver?

Finances. Do you both have a clear idea of each other’s financial obligations? Have you spoken about your goals on spending and saving?

Health. Have you both fully disclosed your full health histories?

Career. It’s important to consider you and your partner’s careers. For instance, if one were to be offered a job in a new location, would you be prepared to move?

Family. Do you have any concerns about your partner’s family? Do you respect each other’s parents?

Household. Have you discussed how your marital household will be maintained, and how you will manage the chores between you both?

Sexual needs. Are you and your partner comfortable discussing your sexual needs, preferences and fears openly with one another?

Friends. Do you and your partner respect each other’s friends?

These questions will help you lay all your cards on the table and clarify any differences in your relationship. It is important you are able to compromise on any disagreements you may have and be clear on any uncertainties.

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