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Choosing Your Lucky Clover

Are you thinking of treating yourself or a loved one to a beautiful lucky clover necklace?

These necklaces are perfect for wishing on and for welcoming luck and joy into the life of the wearer, and they come in almost every colour under the rainbow!

Wondering what colour to choose? This guide is ideal for selecting the lucky clover most suited to you and your needs.

For Wisdom

The purple lucky clover is perfect for wisdom and personal empowerment, so if you’re looking for extra insight or to regain control of a life situation, this will help you and provide the further understanding you need.

For luck and confidence

The light blue clover promotes personal self-worth, success and confidence, so if you’re going for a job interview or need a little extra luck on your side, this clover is ideal for you. This clover would also make a great gift for somebody starting a new job, or taking on a new life challenge.

Financial Help

The green clover promotes growth, energy and new beginnings, and will help to bring harmony in all aspects of your life, including love and work life. This colour crystal is thought to encourage financial good fortune!

For Happiness

The yellow clover is not just bright and cheery, but is also great for abundance and happiness, promoting harmony and love. Feeling tired and rundown? This beauty is wonderful for increasing energy levels.

New Opportunities

The orange clover will get things moving in your life, bringing events forward successfully and even encouraging new friendships and romance into your life.

For Relationships

The pink clover is superb for all things love, romance and friendship. This pretty pink gem will strengthen any established love bonds, invite new romance into your life, and ease any heartache you have suffered, it will also support any reconciliations on the horizon.

For Help & Direction

If you’re unsure of your way forward, or are struggling to make a decision on any aspect of your life, then the lilac clover is ideal. Providing assistance with making the right choices, and supporting intuition and inspiration, this clover will also attract people into your life who share your values of love and faithfulness.

An All-Rounder!

The clear coloured clover is perfect for every situation, this is ideal if you are unsure of which particular colour crystal you want to work with. This coloured necklace is excellent for psychic awareness, healing, attracting love, boosting finances, good fortune, creating opportunities and for refreshing mental and physical energy. This clover will also intensify the properties of other crystals, so would work well for those looking for a second addition to their clover collection.

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