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Crystal of the Month – April 2017 – Ametrine

Ametrine is the name given to a combination crystal that includes both amethyst and citrine. Its key quality is cleansing the mind and body of negative energy. Keen to know more about this wonderful healing crystal? Read on to discover how it can help you…

Disperse negativity

Have you been drowning under negativity lately? Whether you can’t help but obsess over something that’s been bothering you or everyone around you seems to be down in the dumps, an ametrine crystal could help you to disperse negativity and improve the energy that surrounds you.

By improving your own mood and outlook, you can often help those around you too. Your positive energy can be infectious, rubbing off on other people in no time at all.

Improve confidence

Do you lack confidence? If so, an ametrine crystal could be just the thing you need to give yourself a self-esteem boost and increase the amount of faith you have in yourself.

Whether you have a job interview or a hot date coming up, carry an ametrine stone in your pocket and you’re likely to experience a surge in self belief.

Many people with confidence issues assume they’re unable to improve but this common misconception couldn’t be further from the truth. By making a conscious effort to improve your mindset and step outside of your comfort zone, you can transform your life.

Boost creativity

Are you suffering from a creative block? Whether creativity is part and parcel of your career or you’re simply struggling to think outside the box, an ametrine crystal could help you replenish your creativity supply and work your magic!

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