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Crystal of the Month for August – Garnet

Our crystal of the month for August is Garnet, a beautiful stone that is found in many colours but is usually a deep red. This stone is found all over the world but largely originates from Brazil, China, India, Pakistan and Tanzania.

Garnet is known as the crystal of regeneration and is incredibly powerful and energising. This stone is said to boost the energy of the person wearing it, making you feel revitalised!


Garnet also has wonderful protective energy, making it particularly good for protecting against evil, keeping you safe during travel, and preventing nightmares.

Emotional Healing Properties

If you are struggling with any emotional issues, then Garnet may be able to help you.

Being a good stone for depression, Garnet can help to bring joy and hope. It is a stone of positive thoughts, which can help you to overcome any crisis or traumas.

This stone will also help to lessen any anger issues, particularly if you have anger towards yourself and are guilty of self-sabotage.

If you are struggling to let go of damaging behaviour or are lacking in self-confidence, Garnet will help you by rebalancing your energy.

Garnet is also a stone of love and passion, inspiring feelings of devotion, loyalty and commitment.

Physical Healing Properties

Garnet has been used to reduce toxins in the body and is sometimes referred to as the “stone of health”. This stone is said to purify vital organs and blood and helps to assimilate any vitamins and minerals. Of course, these healing properties are entirely supported to healing and do not act as prescriptions or healthcare.

Additional Properties

Garnet is considered to be a very lucky stone! If you want to welcome success into your life, then carrying Garnet may attract the good fortune you need.

As Garnet is great at encouraging personal relationships, this stone can be a useful tool for building long-lasting bonds and relationships, particularly when it comes to building business rapport.

The astrological signs associated with Garnet are Aquarius, Capricorn, Leo and Virgo, so would make an excellent gift for a loved one born under one of these signs.

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