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Crystal of the Month for January – Blue Sapphire

After all of the excitement and chaos of Christmas is over, the wonderfully calming crystal, Blue Sapphire, makes the perfect crystal of the month for January! This beautiful stone is considered the gem of all gems, steeped in history and significant in royalty for its beauty and its powerful properties.

Benefits of Blue Sapphire

Sapphire is incredible for the mind, with strong mental and emotional properties. This wonderful stone is great for mental clarity due to its calming properties, and so is ideal for focusing your mind and enabling the release of any unwanted or negative thoughts.

If you are feeling hopeless, or suffer from anxiety or depression, this stone is said to ease these feelings, lighten the mood, and  will allow for us to see the positives in life.

Sapphire is also wonderful spiritually, being a stone of intuition and meditation. Use sapphire during meditation to enhance insight and open awareness. This crystal is also said to stimulate psychic visions by strengthening the mind and opening up communication with higher planes.

Physically, Blue Sapphire is a healer for all parts of the body, and is particularly known for its ability to relieve headaches, ear problems such as hearing issues and infections, fevers, and is even thought to soothe insomnia. This crystal is also known for its communication powers, making it beneficial for problems related to speech and self-expression.

How & When to Use Blue Sapphire

Due to its many benefits, blue sapphire has several uses!

Give blue sapphire to the person you love, or as a gift to newlywed or engaged couples, as this is a stone of love and commitment.

Carry or wear a piece of sapphire when signing contracts or when resolving any legal situations or matters of justice. This is because sapphire is a symbol of integrity and is great for ensuring a positive resolution.

Use a sapphire during your usual meditation routine to enhance your intuition and to restore balance to your body.

A sapphire can also support you in your professional life, by carrying or wearing sapphire, you can benefit from this stones ability to stimulate the mind, promote wisdom and encourage good judgement.

Blue Sapphire Details

Birthstone: September (sapphire)

Primary Chakra: Throat Chakra

Astrological Sign: Gemini


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