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Crystal of the Month – June 2017 – Smoky Quartz

Can you believe we’re almost halfway through the year already? Whether you’re ticking off your 2017 resolutions as you go along or you’re taking each day one step at a time, this is a great time for self-reflection. If you need a helping hand achieving your dreams, why not introduce our beautiful Crystal of the Month into your life. This month we’re investigating the stunning Smoky Quartz to find out how it can nourish and nurture our lives:

Remove negativity

Whether you’re having a tough time at work thanks to a difficult colleague or a family member’s bad mood is having a negative effect on your household, a Smoky Quartz can help you diffuse the situation and banish negativity. By placing it in your home or carrying it in your pocket you’ll find yourself blessed with a peaceful aura.

Banish self-doubt

Are you suffering from imposter syndrome? If you spend a lot of time doubting yourself and your abilities, a Smoky Quartz crystal could bless you with the confidence you need.

This stunning crystal will also help you unleash your creativity on whatever you put your mind to. If you’ve been struggling with creative block, you’ll finally be able to use your talents to their full potential.

This is an ideal crystal to carry with you on a first date or to a job interview. All your worries will fade away and you’ll be confident enough to be yourself.

Protect your heart

Whether you’re going through a tough breakup or you’ve decided to start dating, a Smoky Quartz crystal will equip you with the strength and self-assurance your heart needs. Separating from a loved one or opening ourselves up to new relationships can bring with it a wide range of challenges. Thankfully, a Smoky Quartz can protect your heart from the obstacles that occur when looking for love.

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