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Crystal of the Month October 2016 – Tiger’s Eye

As we head into Autumn, we thought we’d choose a crystal that encapsulated the brown, gold, warm hues of the season. So this month, we’re focusing on Tiger’s Eye and what it can be used for. This crystal is a protective stone and represents strength. Here’s how it can benefit you:


If you’re always jumping the gun and it costs you in life, a Tiger’s Eye crystal can bring you the patience you need. A tiger lies in wait, assessing the situation before they make their attack, which is what the crystal will help you do. Tiger’s Eye crystal can give you the patience to wait for your most opportune moment to act, which will deliver you the best results.

Keep one around your home to remind you of this.

Inner strength

Tiger’s Eye can help you build upon your inner strength; giving you the focus and determination you need to make things happen for yourself. Your inner strength can give you more self-awareness and a higher state of mental wellbeing which will allow you to reach your goals.

If you’ve got a stressful time coming up like an exam or busy work week, wear a Tiger’s Eye to help you power through.


If you’ve been having trouble meditating, Tiger’s Eye can help bring you true harmony. By helping to strengthen your inner awareness, you can really reach a higher meditative state. It’s all about increasing your mental focus and determination. Because Tiger’s Eye is a protective stone, it helps to deflect any negative energy coming your way, allowing you to have complete calm and serenity.

Tiger’s Eye is a brilliant crystal for helping bring abundance into your life and is it believed to have mystical qualities attached to it! We hope it brings you what you’re looking for, whether it’s through meditation & healing or just general self improvement.

Crystal of the Month October 2016

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