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Crystal of the Month September 2016 – Carnelian

At the start of each month we select a healing crystal to share with you on the Wishing Moon blog. This month we’re focussing on the incredible Carnelian. This magical crystal is a fantastic tool to have by your side on a regular basis. It’s particularly beneficial when you’re hoping to create something special and conquer your fears.

Boost creativity

Suffering from writer’s block or an artistic dry spell? A Carnelian could be just the thing you need to get creativity pulsing through your veins again.

Don’t let self doubt stand in your way of creating amazing things. Rather than over thinking your every move or worrying about the outcome, just create! Don’t fret about how your creation will turn out. Equip yourself with a Carnelian crystal and make a start on whatever it is you have to do.

Find courage

Do you have a big challenge ahead? Whether you’re going for a job interview, doing a sponsored sky dive or you want to confront someone and resolve a conflict, a Carnelian could provide you with the courage you need.

It could help you fight off procrastination and focus on productivity. After all, once you’ve banished any fears that have been holding you back, you can focus on progression and change.

A Carnelian could also provide you with courage and comfort during times of grief. If you’re struggling to cope with the loss of someone special, this soothing crystal could help to unearth inner strength you perhaps never knew existed.

Improve memory

If you’re ever having a psychic reading or you’re learning to work with Tarot cards, a Carnelian can be a great crystal to have by your side. It will help you recall memories from the past and in some cases it may even help you identify things that happened to you in a past life.

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