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Crystal of the Month – September 2017 – Blue Lace Agate

We can’t believe it’s already September and most of 2017 is behind us. With summer almost a distant memory, it’s only natural to find yourself feeling tired and grumpy, particularly as the temperature starts to drop and the days get shorter. To cheer you up and bless you with a much needed spiritual hug, we’ve chosen a bright and beautiful crystal this month. Here’s why you should get to know blue lace agate in September:

Unlock your intuition

Are you having trouble tapping into your intuition? A blue lace agate crystal could help you make the most of this fascinating power. From helping you read tarot cards effectively to encouraging you to spot the true meaning in your life, your intuition can have a wealth of benefits. It will guide you along your chosen path and accompany you on your adventure. 

Overcome your fears

Blue lace agate can help you overcome your fears and achieve your full potential in life. Whether you have an interview coming up for your dream job, you want to go on holiday but you’re scared of flying, or you’re too afraid to stand up for yourself when someone keeps knocking you down, a blue lace agate crystal can bless you with courage, strength and self-confidence.

Diffuse tense situations

Blue lace agate is an excellent crystal for aiding communication, promoting harmony with others and encouraging kindness and sympathy. Thanks to these heavenly qualities, it’s a great crystal for diffusing tense situations and putting an end to arguments, resentment or awkwardness.

Whether you and a family member haven’t been seeing eye to eye or you’re having trouble telling your partner how you really feel, keeping a blue lace agate by your side can help to keep the peace and encourage relationship-soothing conversations.

Increase your energy

Are you feeling tired and deflated? A blue lace agate crystal could give you the energy boost you need. It can be particularly helpful if you’re feeling sluggish due to lots of hard work. This stunning crystal will help you conserve your energy and it will bless you with a surge of productivity and power.

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