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Discover the herbs that can improve your psychic abilities

If you’re looking for ways to improve psychic abilities, there are certain ways that you can grow your psychic intuition. However, there are also an array of herbs you can use that can help you as well.  If you already have quite a strong psychic sensibility, but you’ve been feeling a little blocked recently, these herbs can also help with that too.

The following herbs can be used in cooking, dropped in tea, taken on the tongue, used as a supplement or incorporated into your existing incense. You can even obtain the plants and have them in your home or garden.

Gotu Kola

Sometimes you can get a little overwhelmed with all the information you’re receiving and can have trouble deciphering it. Gotu Kola allows your mind to clearly sort through the fuzz and process it properly.


Ginger can warm your body up, making it a suitable receptacle for messages, feelings and any other psychic occurrences!


Ginkgo can make psychic or spiritual messages appear more clearly.


Elderflower can help you to connect with the spirit world and entice spirits towards you. It shows you are open to receiving contact.


If you’re meditating and can’t seem to clear your mind, Skullcap can help. Then information can flow organically and you can reach a higher mental state of wellbeing.

Wood Betony

Wood Betony can cleanse, strengthen and align your throat chakra to allow you to properly channel and interpret spiritual messages.

Plants and herbs are deeply connected to the earth and can help us rediscover our connection to the energy and wavelengths that the earth delivers. It is through this connection that we can enhance our psychic abilities. However, we must ensure that we’re approaching it with an open mind and heart; and that our chakras are aligned correctly. It is only then that we will have a clear connection to other realms and states of consciousness.

Make sure you keep up to date with all of our psychic guides to ensure you’re making the most of your psychic potential.

How To Use Herbs To Improve Your Psychic Abilities

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