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Easter Symbols & Superstitions (Infographic)

Just like with Christmas and Halloween, there are a number of specific symbols and superstitions that surround the Easter period. It’s not all hot cross buns, chocolate Easter eggs and morris dancing! Easter has a lot more meaning to it than that.

Whilst we don’t know where all of these originated, we can assume that some have pagan origins and some can be traced back to the time of Christ. And the majority of them follow the same kind of theme of rebirth, rejuvenation and fertility – which ties in with the Spring Equinox and all that it represents. It is around this time that we reflect on what we’d like to achieve in the year ahead, as well as assessing how far we’ve come up to now. Easter is also the perfect time to reinvent and rejuvenate ourselves through spiritual healing.

Some of these symbols and superstitions stem from practicalities that apply to a bygone era, whilst some are simply steeped in folklore and have cemented their status in the Easter narrative. Whether you believe all of them or not, it’s good to keep these symbols and superstitions in mind as we head into the Easter season – you never know how they could help you!
We’ve collected some of our favourites that we think are the most interesting to share with you. We’d love to know your favourite symbol or superstition.

What do you think of these? Do you subscribe to any of them? Maybe you’re a child who was born on Good Friday and now have strong spiritual powers. Is Good Friday your favourite day for meditation & healing? Did you find your soulmate on Easter Sunday? Let us know what you think. Do you have any other Easter superstitions that you’d like to share with us? Everyone here at Wishing Moon wishes you a very Happy Easter!

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