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Full Moon in Cancer – 12th January 2017

Here’s what to expect from the full moon in Cancer this January 12th!

On the 12th January 2017 full moon will be in Cancer and we can expect an emotionally charged time with explosive feelings spilling everywhere. Because the moon is at peak strength in Cancer, emotions will be at a “rolling boil” so to speak.

Every little seemingly insignificant thing will seem bigger, brighter, more urgent and more important. Outbursts can be expected left, right and centre and it can a little bit of an overwhelming time.

There is something decidedly primal about this moon and this can manifest itself in parental themed conflict or strife. It could be between a parent and child, two parents or your own struggles as a parent. Small things that have been niggling away come to a head and can be blown somewhat out of proportion due to the amount of feelings and emotions that are simmering at the surface.

If you’ve been doing a lot of careful planning recently, your hard work will pay off and the fruits of your labour will appear. Although there may be some surprises and the results might not manifest themselves in exactly the way you had planned or expected. It could be that things are moving faster than you first expected, or that things work out in a completely different way!

Impulsive behaviour is rife at this time but try not to indulge in too many impulse purchases as once the dust settles and emotions have calmed down, you’ll be left wondering what on earth you were thinking. Not to mention where all your money has gone.

Basically, it is a time for culminating feelings spilling over. Try and be careful what gets expressed because in the heat of the moment, you may say something you regret and when you’ve calmed down, it may be tricky to undo the damage.

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