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Get To Know Yourself Better With These 20 Questions

There’s a lot of truth in the suggestion that we need to love ourselves before we can love other people. When you love and care about yourself, you become your best self, increase your chances of finding the right person for you and improve the quality of love you give to other people. Unfortunately, having confidence and self respect isn’t always that easy. Learning to love yourself is a challenge and a lifelong journey of self discovery.

To get you started on your path to self love, here are 20 questions that will help you get to know yourself better.

  1. What did you want to be when you were a child?
  2. What was your biggest talent when you were young?
  3. What does your dream day look like?
  4. Who are you most inspired by?
  5. Which famous person would you love to be friends with?
  6. Who is your best friend?
  7. What do you love most about this person?
  8. What’s your worst habit?
  9. What’s your biggest fear?
  10. When was the last time you did something that terrified you?
  11. If you had just a week left to live, how would you spend it??
  12. Do you have any regrets in life?
  13. What is your favourite book?
  14. What is your favourite movie?
  15. What is your favourite song?
  16. Where do you see yourself a year from now?
  17. Where do you see yourself five years from now?
  18. What were your biggest worries 10 years ago? Are these concerns still significant now?
  19. What advice would you give to your younger self?
  20. What do you most want to be known for?

Grab a pen and paper and have a real think about the questions above. Use your intuition when answering them and make sure you’re writing down the truth, rather than what you feel like you should put.

Once you’ve got your answers in front of you, it’s time to ask yourself new, proactive questions that can propel you forward in life.

For example, if you have any regrets, you need to find a way to use these feelings to avoid making the same mistakes again.

If you see yourself in a different job this time next year, it’s time to find a way to get there.

Have you figured out what legacy you’d like to leave? Live your life in a way that makes that possible.

By getting to know yourself better you can improve your confidence and start working towards the life you want.

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