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Green Eyed Monster Alert? How to Deal With Jealousy

We’ve all felt a little jealous from time to time, perhaps your colleague got a promotion, or your ex is with someone new, it’s normal to feel some feelings of jealousy at times like these.

However, an out of control, green eyed monster is never pretty and can be dangerous! Dealing with jealousy is difficult and it’s important not to ignore the feeling, but to confront it and control it.

This article by Yazmin Joy teaches us some of the best ways to deal with jealous feelings.

The problem is yours

Jealous is an issue with you, meaning YOU can do something about it. So next time you see someone with something you wish you had, or when you see your ex happy with someone new, remember you can do something about it.

Once you’ve recognised this emotion, congratulate yourself! Facing jealous feelings is not easy.

Don’t surrender

Don’t feed your jealous emotions, don’t let the feeling take over and control you! Instead, identify where the jealousy is coming from. What is it really about? Figure out why you’re jealous and address the problem.

For more great advice on dealing with jealousy, visit Yazmin’s blog here.

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