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Happy World Tarot Day!

Today, Sunday 25th May, is World Tarot Day! World Tarot Day was created back in 2003 by Den Elders and is celebrated by many tarot lovers, websites and organisations all over the world.

On this day we celebrate and share our love of Tarot as a tool of self examination, guidance and spirituality.

To mark this day, why not learn a little more about Tarot?

Tarot cards date back to the 15th century, making it one of the oldest methods of divination known. The true origin of the Tarot is not fully known, although it is widely accepted that the first deck appeared in Germany.

Each deck contains 78 cards, with each card featuring beautiful, in depth imagery and magical symbology. There are hundreds of different Tarot decks, each with their own unique art. Tarot is loved across the world, regardless of language or cultures; it is a ‘universal language’ where the symbolic images in each deck are portrayed across all boundaries in order to find answers in everyday life.

Why not help us to celebrate this day by sharing this page, or telling us what your favourite Tarot deck is?

If you want to learn more about Tarot the below links are here to help;

–          History of Tarot readings

–          Growing popularity of Tarot cards

–          Text TAROT

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