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How Psychics Help Solve Crimes

Many psychics and mediums have been publicised lately in the press or on television as the public once again has an increased interest in the supernatural world. This isn’t a modern interest, though. In fact, the keen interest for using psychics has been around since the Victorian era when superstitious people would visit mediums to find out about their future.

Although the art was sometimes frowned upon back then, nowadays the views on mediums and psychics is a little more relaxed, with many television programme such as “Most Haunted” being played out on TV for all to watch. There is also an increased interest since horror films and supernatural thrillers hit our film screens which had prompted many people to find out more about the world of psychics.

One modern way that mediums are used is by the police when trying to solve a crime. Sometimes, some police firms use a known and reputable medium to come on investigations to get a feel for the scene of the crime to try and work out what happened there.

Also, mediums are used to help locate missing people. Often psychics can visualise the last place that the person was in, just by being close to an item of their personal possession or clothing. In some instances, the medium has been able to locate the exact location of a body and has directed the police force right to the scene of the crime.

Mediums are also used to give psychic readings to members of the public who may be traumatised after an accident or tragedy in the family. This can helped the person move on and get over their grief. One person from London commented, “I went to see a psychic after a car accident which killed my brother. It was such a shock to me that I felt I needed extra help to get me through this difficult time. I was given the contact number of a psychic who turned out to be very reputable in the area and the reading she gave me was very beneficial to my grieving process and understanding of the tragedy.”

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