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How To Create A Sacred Space In Your Home

Amidst the chaotic, confusing and sometimes cruel world we live in, your home should serve as a safe space in which you can retreat. The home is a sanctuary that we feel most comfortable in so it makes sense that this would be the place to make a sacred space.

A sacred space is a place where you can indulge in your spiritual or holistic practices. These could be anything from meditation and yoga, to tarot reading and cleansing ceremonies. Creating a sacred space within your house is the ideal location because it’s essentially a safe space within a safe space!

What kind of places make good sacred spaces?

The location of your sacred space will depend on your own personal feelings and experience. It can be an entire room or just a spot by the window – whatever you feel most comfortable with.

The type of places that are ideal are where you feel most at ease and relaxed. Places like the bedroom, kitchen or even your garden. If you have a home office in which you regularly do work, it probably wouldn’t be the right place to create your sacred space.

Ideally your sacred space should be a quiet area that doesn’t see a lot of frequent activity to allow you to really get in the zone and keep the energy clear. If you have a favourite spot in your house or a particular place where you feel joyful this would be a perfect location.

Choosing what to include in your sacred space

Once you’ve identified your ideal location, it’s time to think about what items you should include in your sacred space. Now, there’s no right or wrong when it comes to creating your space. You can add in anything you want, but all items should hold some personal significance to you. Having an emotional attachment to your items is also recommended. Typical items will include:

  • Crystals that resonate with your own aura and energies
  • Talismans that hold significant meaning to you
  • Candles and incense to stimulate your senses
  • Artwork or photographs that resonate with you
  • Any meditation or reading tools such as tarot cards, ribbons or oracle cards

It’s also a good idea to make it as comfortable as possible so any cushions, throws and lights to decorate your space are a welcome and encouraged addition!

Cleansing your sacred space

Once you’ve created your sacred space it’s a good idea to smudge the area to cleanse it before you use it for the first time. This is so you can ensure you’re starting off with a clear space. If you live alone the chances of having other people’s energies contaminating your space is slim but you own aura can pick up people’s vibes from just day to day interaction which you can then bring into your sacred space. And visitors to your house can also impact it. So it’s a good idea to smudge your space every few months.

Using your sacred space

Once you’ve done the above you can use your sacred space! What you use it for is completely up to you. You can do tarot and other forms of reading in there. You can use it for meditation & healing. Or maybe you just want to use it for some quiet introspection. Whatever you use your sacred space for you should always leave it feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and inspired.

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