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How To Prepare For The Mercury Retrograde

The Mercury Retrograde is just a few days away and for many people, this astrological change can seem tremendously daunting.

Thankfully there are several ways you can prepare for the Mercury Retrograde, minimise its impact on your life, and make the most of the weeks ahead.

Redo, rewrite, revise

Most astrologers advise against making any big life changes during the Mercury Retrograde, but this doesn’t mean your life has to become dull or unproductive. Instead of making drastic life changes or exploring completely new paths, focus on redoing things you’ve already done.

Whether you’re rewriting an article, reorganising your home, or revising your attitude to work, there are so many ways you can reflect on past successes while looking for ways to one-up yourself.

Improve your communication skills

Communication is crucial during the Retrograde. With everyone’s lives seemingly up-in-the-air, it’s more important than ever to express yourself in a clear and concise way.

It’s equally important to ensure that other people cut to the chase with you too. If you’re confused by some instructions or you don’t understand a colleague’s explanation, be honest. Don’t spend too long worrying what other people will think. Openness and honesty will get you far.

Give yourself more time

Whether you’re meeting a friend for a coffee or you’re completing a task at work, give yourself more time than you usually would. The Mercury Retrograde can cause havoc on your time keeping abilities, preventing you from staying true to your word and showing up on time. Set off early and don’t make promises you might not be able to keep.

Simplify your life

In the lead up to the Mercury Retrograde, try to simplify your life as much as possible. Cancel unnecessary plans, declutter your home, don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Distance yourself from people or activities that cause you stress. During the Retrograde, you need to be as calm and composed as possible.

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