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How to spiritually cleanse yourself and remove negative energy

If you have been letting negative energy build up in your mind and spirit, then you need to perform a cleansing ritual to clear the slate and start afresh.

We encounter a host of experiences that drain our positive resources on a daily basis, leaving us with feelings of depression, fear, sadness and unhappiness.  If we let these feelings accumulate, our aura becomes interwoven with bad energy resulting in us attracting more of the same situations. However, by performing a cleansing ritual, you can realign your spirit and reclaim your power.

Step 1:  Accumulating a list

Take your time to write down all the negative feelings that you wish to cleanse your mind of.  These may have come from relationship problems, work stresses, unwanted gossip, loss of a loved one and family arguments, just to name a few unpleasant situations.

Step 2:  Throwing the bad energy away

Armed with your list, head into the bathroom to begin the cleansing ritual.  Brush yourself from top to toe, and imagine with each stroke that you are brushing the negative energy away from your body.

Step 3:  Take a sea salt bath

Next, take a relaxing bath with some sea salt scattered into the bath water.  Sea salt is said to be a cleansing element capable of neutralising the environment and oneself.

Step 3:  Envisage the negatives dissolving

When you have finished bathing, stay in the bath and begin meditating on the areas in your life that are not going as well as you’d like.  Visualise the negative emotions that have been clinging to you and continue doing this as you start to drain the bath water.  While you watch and listen to the water disappear, shift the image in your mind to one where your negativity is being drained away along with the bath water.  Let yourself immerse in the sense of relief and renewal from being cleared of these unhelpful elements that have been living with you.

Step 4: Burn the list

Being careful not to start a fire, burn the list of troubles you wrote at the beginning of this exercise; watch your problems turn to dust and disappear.

How often should you perform this cleansing ritual?

The answer depends on your personal situation.  If you are going through a particularly troubled period, you may choose to perform this ritual daily or every other day; otherwise a weekly or monthly ritual could be sufficient.

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