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How to spread kindness everyday!

Everyday acts of kindness are linked to increased happiness for both the giver and the receiver, being kind is good for you, and it needn’t require grand gestures! This article from The Positivity Blog shares with us how you can spread kindness every day.

Make a personal connection

Jade suggests making a personal connection with someone you may typically pass by or take for granted, such as the person who is serving you in the shop, your office or hotel cleaner or the barista making your morning coffee. This type of behaviour can lead to long-term improvements in happiness and life satisfaction.

Make someone’s day easier

You can make someone’s day easier in many ways! Next time you’re shopping, return your shopping cart back to where it belongs instead of leaving it in the middle of the car park. Donate money to a charity, or buy the person behind you their coffee.

Use your talents

Are you a great cook? Cook somebody a delicious meal! A talented artist? Paint somebody a picture! This can make you feel better about yourself whilst brightening somebody else’s day


Offering forgiveness has been linked to greater overall well-being and decreased feelings of stress and anxiety, as well as obviously benefiting the person you are forgiving.

For more ways to be kind today, read the article in full here.

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