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How to use Oracle cards

Oracle cards can be used by anyone who is looking for answers to a question or wants to make some sense or meaning from a situation. Some people prefer to use Oracle cards over Tarot Cards because they are a lot more free-form and don’t necessarily have to follow specific rules or formats. There’s less of a structure with Oracle cards which means there’s much more room for interpretation and the cards leave you to your own intuition rather than guiding you down a stricter path. Basically, you feel what the cards are telling you and internalise more with Oracle cards.

If you’ve never used Oracle cards before and would like some guidance, we’ll give you some insight in how to get the most out of them.

Before you draw

Shuffle your cards and whilst doing so, visual and think about what you’re hoping to get from the reading. Once they’ve been shuffled, hold the cards in your hands for about a minute to really connect with them and sync your energy flow.

One card selection

If you’re searching for an answer to a question, it might be ideal to draw a single card.  General questions work better than specific questions. Asking things like “How can I make this a better day?” or “Is there something I should be focussing on right now?” work well.

Two card selection

If you’re looking for more of a directional question and answer guide then you might consider drawing two cards from the pack. The first card relates to the question and the second to the answer. You can also just try to form ties between the two cards in whatever way you think and let your intuition do the rest.

Three card selection

If you’re searching for meaning surrounding a specific feeling, topic or event, drawing three cards can give you that meaning. The first card you draw relates to your past and the events that led you to this point. The second card signifies what is occurring currently and any feelings that are associated with that. And the third card represents the future and what you can do to rectify or change your situation.

When using your Oracle cards, it’s important to not only pay attention to the words that are on them, but really concentrate on the images too. You may find that these speak to you in a different, sometimes stronger, way. Some people like to write notes down in a journal to make sense of their reading. Jotting down a stream of consciousness is a great way to unburden yourself of too many thoughts and feelings that you may be bottling up. It’s important to realise that there is no right or wrong when using Oracle cards. Only what you feel.

If you’re looking for more psychic guidance and structure you can also look at the expanded information on the back of the cards. However, we like to use our own intuition and spiritual connection to draw conclusions. In the event that we need more detailed psychic guides we turn to tarot cards.

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