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Is my pet psychic?

Here is a quick guide to figuring out whether your pet has psychic abilities.

Does your dog/cat stare into one space of the room as if someone is there?

Many animals can see things that us mere mortals cannot. If they are staring into space, they probably are NOT just daydreaming! An intent glare signifies movement in that area of your room and probably means your animal can see something not-of-this-world, perhaps a spirit or presence.

Does your pet bark or meow randomly?

Animals only use their “voices” when they need to. This may mean to get attention or to ask for food. If you can’t figure out why they are still making sounds, you wouldn’t be wrong in assuming that your pet can sense something you can’t. This might not be a presence- it might be a sixth sense telling it that there is about to be a storm or unsettling event.

Do you feel you can’t communicate with your pet?

If you dog/cat doesn’t listen to you and does as they please, you may want to hire the help of a pet psychic to come and bridge the gap. The pet psychic can connect with your pet and figure out what’s wrong. Reasons for their uncommunicative ways might be:

1. The pet had a troublesome past before you owned them, and they are burdened by it.

2. The pet has constant contact with other spirits or worlds which confuses them.

3. The pet needs the help of a psychic to communicate its feelings.

A pet psychic will do their best to connect with your animal and tell you what’s going on in its head! Your pet is probably psychic (many animals are to varying degrees) so communication between you and them is very important.

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