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Crystal of The Month For June– Moonstone

For June, we have chosen Moonstone, the beautiful bringer of calm, peace and balance, to be our crystal of the month!

Moonstone is perfect for women, due to its apparent ability to balance hormonal and menstrual cycles. Because Moonstone is associated with the moon, it has a strong relationship with a woman’s menstrual cycle, so can be wonderfully helpful for any women experiencing issues in this area.

As well as this, it is said that Moonstone can help with conception and fertility, supporting all aspects of our reproductive system.

Not only is Moonstone excellent for women, but men can also benefit from this comforting, soothing stone. Moonstone helps to balance our emotional state, and so is ideal for reducing any emotional stress and anxiety.

This stone works particularly well with the Solar Plexus Chakra. This chakra is the energy centre of our emotions, so placing a Moonstone on the Solar Plexus can help with letting go of emotions that no longer serve us.

Since Moonstone balances emotions, it is said to be useful in both men and women with aggressive tendencies.

moon stone qualities

Wear Moonstone jewellery, such as a Moonstone pendant or ring, to soothe your emotions and touch your heart. Not only will it look beautiful, but the healing properties and energy will comfort you.

In your home, placing Moonstone in the ‘children’ areas of the house is said to enhance fertility further. Moonstone is also used in feng shui for its calming abilities, placing it in a room filled with fiery or stressful energy, such as an office environment, can help to bring more balance.

When buying Moonstone, the clearer the stone is and the more colourful it’s glow, the stronger its healing energy properties will be.

To take care of Moonstone, but sure not to expose it to strong sunlight, clean it gently and often, and be sure to recharge it using the strong energy of a full moon.

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