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Lucky Clovers: What each colour means

Have you seen our Wishing Moon lucky clovers? These beautiful necklaces are free with every 20 minute credit card reading

Slver plated, pavé set with Swarovski elements and Zircon crystals which shine and sparkle, the lucky clover necklace is avaiable in a range of bright colours, each with a different meaning!

Find out which colour clover is most suited to you with our below guide:


PURPLE – Wisdom, psychic awareness, protection, (personal empowerment, puts you back in control of life situations)

PALE BLUE – Success, promotes personal self worth and confidence (a must in job interviews)

BLUE – Truth, honesty, (respect within relationships) connects to the angelic realms

GREEN – Growth, energy, new beginnings (harmony in love, life and work) and financial good fortune

YELLOW – Abundance, happiness (within the home, promotes harmony and love), increased energy, aids personal commitment between lovers and financial security

ORANGE – Communication, new friendships and romances, (action: gets things moving and brings events forward successfully)

PINK – Love, romance, friendship (strengthens established love bonds and invites new love into your life, eases heartache, helps reconciliations)

LILAC – Intuition, inspiration, (especially needed when you are unsure of your way forward) aids
right choices, attracts people who share your values of love and faithfulness into your life

CLEAR – Perfect for every situation, psychic awareness and clairvoyance, healing, attracting love, boosting finances, good fortune, creating opportunities, refreshes mental and physical energy, intensifies the properties of other crystals and colours, extremely useful when you are unsure of which particular colour to work with ( will give a dynamic boost to wishes made on the Full moon)


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