Make The World A Better Place With The 30 Day Kindness Challenge

With our TV screens, newspapers and social media feeds so often filled with bad news, the world can seem like a scary place sometimes. However, although so many things are out of our control and we cannot undo the negative actions of others, we can make a conscious effort to do our bit for humanity.

By going out of your way to do kind things for others, you can make the world a better place and introduce lots of positive karma to your own life.

If you want to make the world that little bit brighter, why not take our 30 Day Kindness Challenge? Tackle each of the steps below one day at a time and before you know it, you’ll have helped to transform the world around you.

  1. Ask to sit with someone who is eating alone
  2. Pay for the order of the person behind you
  3. Offer to babysit or pet sit for a friend (free of charge)
  4. Call a loved one you haven’t spoken to in a long time
  5. Give a generous tip to your server
  6. Pick up litter
  7. Run an errand for someone
  8. Write a thank you card to someone who has helped you
  9. Surprise a friend with a gift
  10. Write a list of all the reasons you love someone and give it to them as a gift
  11. Next time you go shopping, place money in a purse on the shelf as a nice surprise for the person buys it
  12. Pay someone a compliment
  13. Donate money to a good cause
  14. Give someone else your seat on the bus
  15. Go out of your way to make a new friend
  16. Help someone with their bags
  17. Donate blood
  18. Sign up to be an organ donor
  19. Buy a meal for a homeless person
  20. Bring sweet treats to the office and share with your colleagues
  21. Leave a friendly note in a library book for someone else to find
  22. Let another driver go in front of you
  23. Give some food to a food bank
  24. Volunteer at a charity shop, animal shelter or nursing home
  25. Cook a meal for someone
  26. Donate clothes you no longer need to charity
  27. Give someone a shoulder to cry on
  28. Forgive someone who has wronged you
  29. Spend a whole day only saying positive things to people
  30. Be kind to yourself

How To Make The World A Better Place With The 30 Day Kindness Challenge

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