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Make your wishes come true with your FREE Four Leaf Clover

Have you ever made a wish and then wondered whether the universe had heard you?

Have you ever made a wish, and then found yourself repeating the wish over and over in an attempt to ensure it comes true?

Would you like to learn of a way that will ensure your wishes are heard in the cosmos, and more importantly answered as quickly as possible?

Then you need a lucky Wishing Moon four leaf clover necklace. These necklaces are not only incredibly beautiful, with their silver plating and swarvoski elements, but they are also powerful energy transmitters, perfect for making wishes.

Instructions for use:

Hold the wishing moon lucky clover in your right hand; gently rub the clover in a circular clockwise motion with your thumb.

Make your wish.

Take a moment to think about how expensive and accurate wristwatches work. They are made to include a very tiny quartz crystal which enables the mechanism to maintain precise time, that incredible energy is what we are harnessing to bring about our wishes. On a magical note, combining the crystals and the good luck of the four leaf clover symbolism with the colours of the petal stones, and the heart shaped petal encased with silver plating, really marries together a truly auspicious, personal talisman for you to use.

Every breath you take, each beat of your heart will send out your wish to the universe. If you think of the clover as being your transmitter, like a radio frequency only in our case a magical frequency you will understand that your wish will never go unanswered. There is no need to repeat your wish over and over again because as long as you wear your pendant your wish will be sent out constantly.

Click here to learn how you can claim a lucky four leaf clover.

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