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Psychic Colour Guides

If you are in touch with your psychic abilities or are interested in developing any psychic abilities you have then knowing the significance of colours is an important aspect.  For example, each person has their own aura, or spiritual signature.  That aura has its own colour which can tell us a lot about that person.

An aura cannot be faked and therefore, being able to read a person’s aura allows you to truly know who a person is and whether they are being truthful which is a very important power indeed.  Additionally certain colours have significance in the spiritual world and can allow us to harness powers which we may need.

Below is a quick guide to some of the more vital colours and the different meanings and uses they can have:-



Black is the colour which absorbs all other colours around it, making it a very significant colour indeed.  It shows dominion over the underworld but also represents compassion.  If you are interested in scrying or divination then wearing black may enhance your powers.  Black also represents hidden power and the Inner Self.



Blue is a healing colour and can be used for the alleviation of emotional stress.  It is believed that if the soul is stressed then this can manifest itself as sickness in the body and so the colour blue can be used to release such emotional stresses such as anger, jealousy and impatience.  It also represents mercy.



Red is a colour of strength and force.  It combines negative and positives forces to restrain anything which is unwanted, acting as a neutral force.  The colour red also represents the Mother stage of life, being the representative colour of birth.



Green represents victory.  Achievements and accomplishments are all aspects of green and it is perhaps best known for corresponding to prosperity.  Other aspects of green include the Self and pride.



Yellow is a high level energy which can revitalise and regenerate a tired spirit.  As a colour it represents beauty.  If you light a yellow candle during any colour work, you will find that it can be used to enhance the absorption.

Reddish Brown


This colour represents the lower kingdom, or the world we live in as humans.  This is a colour to be used for alertness and enhanced awareness.

Silver & Gold


These regal colours perhaps predictably represent the Godhead and are the colours of both male and female deities.  Silver is principally a representative of females and gold of males.  Both colours are rich in power.

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