Psychic Text Services

Sincere live psychics answer our texts, as featured on The Psychic Show.


Becky Walsh, psychic medium feature writer for Spirit and Destiny magazine and presenter of The psychic show LBC 97.3FM.


We now offer 4 great text services for mobile phone users. We take this service as seriously as our live psychic readings, using sincere live psychics and a renowned astrologer.


Text ANGEL and your question to 84184 £1.50 per reply. Questions may take one to max 3 replies. 18+ entertainment only. Helpline number 0161 766 1813.


We may send you free promotional messages from time to time, simply discard or call Help/Opt Out 0161 766 1813


Text Angel is a simple, fast and efficient service created especially for you: psychic guidance at your fingertips.


Wherever you are you can now send a sms message and our live psychics will text you right back, it’s a little like having your own personal Angel in your pocket.


You can ask any question, as our service is confidential, nothing is too sacred or personal. What is in your partner’s heart? What are your friends thinking of you? Where is your career going? Why is your family against what you’re doing and will they come round in the end? Is this person my soul mate?


Our psychics are waiting to help you NOW.


The cost is £1 per card, £3.00 in total. To receive your 3 individual tarot cards simply text TAROT to 84184. Helpline number 0161 766 1813. 18+ entertainment only.


A reader of the Tarot can harness the power and mysteries of centuries past and interpret the knowledge held within the Tarot to modern day life. Used effectively, the Tarot can give guidance and advice by highlighting the root cause of problems, to see problems in the future which can be avoided, and allow improvements in the quality of life and ultimate destiny.


Concentrate on your question, then text us to receive 3 psychically selected cards with their meanings.