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Psychics – different abilities

There are many different types of psychics, each with different abilities to bring to their psychic readings. Just some of the most popular are listed below:

Reading an aura: aura readings are very popular as they deal with the energy fields around a person. Some people believe that auras need to be cleansed.

Automatic writing: is the ability to write through the subconscious. Sometimes it is thought that outside intelligence helps guide the medium to write what he/she is writing.

Clairaudience: a person who has this ability is basically able to hear what other people can normally not hear. This might be the voice of a spirit or angel and is a very rare gift.

Empathy: This expression is often heard through everyday language and is also prevalent in the language and art of mediumship. It is basically the skill of sensing other peoples thoughts, feelings, desires or pains. This skill can often be developed throughout a medium’s lifetime to make it a more enhanced skill.

Levitation: This is often seen in the movies or on television and is usally used as a way of entertaining large crowds or audiences, but is also something that real mediums can do if they are lucky enough to have the skill. Levitation is the ability to hover an object, usually a body, off of the ground. This skill has only been seen a few times as it is a very rare gift that only a few mediums have.

Precognition: This is the ability to see the future, usually general outcomes or results rather than finite details. Occasionally a medium can use this skill to guide people in their everyday lives and direct them to a certain path.

Telepathy: This skill is the ability to read someone else’s mind. The skill is also very rare as it also can involve communicating with another person using only thought waves. This means you can have a full conversation with someone without actually saying a word, and is a gift that mediums might also possess when they develop their skills and intuitions over a lifetime of being a psychic.

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