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Put your psychic skills to the test with these helpful tools

Wondering whether you’re psychic? Here are just a few tools to help you determine whether or not you have a spiritual gift.

Zener Cards

The Zener Psychic Ability Test has been used for years as a way to determine psychic ability. With each card featuring a particular shape or symbol, the easiest way to find out whether you’re psychic or not involves imagining the symbol before you turn a card over. If you accurately predict 10 out of 25 cards, this suggests you could well have some psychic abilities.

Work with a friend

If you have a friend or relative who is open to the spiritual world, work with them to determine whether you each have psychic abilities. You can do this by asking each other questions that you wouldn’t ordinarily know the answer to.

For example, you could ask your friend which bone you broke when you fell out of a tree when you were 10. Alternatively, an elderly family member could ask you to name their first love.

Investigate your intuition

Everyone has an element of intuition but some people have much stronger intuitive abilities than others. Spend a couple of hours thinking about all the times in your life you’ve used your intuition to predict an outcome or steer yourself in a particular direction. If you feel as though most of your choices have been influenced by intuition (and they led to successful outcomes) this could be a sign of psychic abilities.

Confide in a professional

On your quest for answers, there’s no better person to turn to than an established psychic. By talking to a psychic who has already turned their gift into a rewarding and meaningful career, you could determine whether or not you have such a gift too.

During your reading, the psychic might be able to feel and witness changes in the atmosphere that could indicate you too have a gift.

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