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Quick & Easy Meditation for Anybody

Do you struggle to find the time to dedicate to meditation every day? Don’t worry! Dougall at Huffington Post shares with us five meditations anybody can do, even in the midst of a chaotic schedule.

Walk. If sitting still during meditation is not for you, this idea known as ‘Kinhin’ involves going for a walk, whilst taking in deep breaths between every step. Take note of your steps to avoid becoming distracted by that which is around you.

Chant. Choose a calming word and sound and begin repeating it slowly.

Driving meditation. Are you a fan of the open road? Dougall suggests driving meditation as the perfect environment to find stillness. By turning off your phone and the radio, you can become completely focused on your relaxing drive.

Coffee. Infuse your morning ritual of making tea or coffee with spirituality. Enjoy this time as “me” time by selecting a comfortable place to sit and enjoy it.

Bathing. When enjoying a bath, imaging the water is washing away all heaviness and negativity from your body. The soap and water disappearing down the drain represents you worries vanishing.

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