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Quiz: Which Major Arcana Are You?

There are 22 different Major Arcana cards in a Tarot card deck and they all represent something completely different. These types of cards signify dominant circumstances in our lives therefore when a Major Arcana card appears in a reading, we need to listen closely to what it says. In the card descriptions, it can tell us a lot about a particular situation, attitude or person in our lives that effect how are lives are going to pan out.

Minor Arcana cards are based off our emotions and attitudes that can influence what can occur next, yet it’s the Major Arcana that represent big changes and what is to come. Did you know that each Major Arcana card actually embodies a lot of personality traits that we can be connected to? Have you ever looked at a Tarot card and thought that it’s description matches you quite well? For example, certain Tarot cards are connected to an astrology sign or a ruling planet which does influence the star signs born under them. If you’re a Leo, you might see the Lion in the “Strength” card and believe it’s connected to you however, it won’t be the only thing that has similarities to your personality!

Complete our excellent quiz below and discover which Major Arcana card out of 22 you are most like! Comment below and tell us which card you got and whether you think it’s like you!

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