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Sam (PIN: 3962)

A powerful clairvoyant medium who strives to give you the answers you are seeking. Sam is a natural born psychic medium who gives 110% during her readings to ensure that you receive the information that you are looking for.


  • Medium
  • Past Lives
  • Psychic
  • Spirit Guides

Personal statement:

I have always worked closely with my spirit guide Arky who has been with me since childhood and I believe we have worked together in past lives too. Arky is more like my best friend and I trust his guidance implicitly because his energy of pure love, light and truth bring forth answers and powerful, magical and emotional healing during our readings to those who are ready to receive it.
I also work as a psychic investigator and can settle negative and unwelcome spirit energies in the home by working with the Angels of Mercy whose gentle and calming energies will bring peace, joy and comfort to any unsettled situation.
Energy clearing and emotional healing can be performed during your phone reading or if you live within 15 miles of Glastonbury I can come to you in person.
Love and peace


10am to 4pm


  • Kathleen - 26/05/2017 star star star star star

    Thanks for an amazing reading today Sam. Very intuitive Lady with a blessed gift. God bless.

  • Rachel. - 17/05/2017 star star star star star

    Had been looking forward to this reading due to amount of seemingly good reviews, but didn't seem like a psychic reading at all.

  • Sarah - 19/04/2017 star star star star star

    Amazing reading with Sam , lovely lady and spot on with my situation , thank you xx

  • Ang - 13/04/2017 star star star star star

    Sam is definitely an Earth Angel. She is very loving, honest and uplifting and connected to me on a soul level very quickly. She helped me with very deeply spiritual advice which is exactly what I needed. Her insight into me as a person was very deep and accurate. Will be calling her again without a doubt. Thank you so much Sam! Much love, light and gratitude.

  • Evie - 03/03/2017 star star star star star

    Wonderful reading with Sam today , very uplifting I would definitely speak to her again

  • Marco - 01/03/2017 star star star star star

    Amazing reading today! Powerful, uplifting and healing! Sam delivers messages with love! Thank you very much for your guidance today!

  • Anon - 26/02/2017 star star star star star

    Sam had a lovely warm manner and made me feel uplifted. She has such a kind nature.

  • Annemarie - 17/02/2017 star star star star star

    Beautiful reading concerning my twin flame and our reconciliation in the summer of 2017. Sam is a very uplifting reader, thank you

  • N/A - 16/02/2017 star star star star star

    Thank you so much for your reading today, Sam you put everything so well and I now feel a lot better about reconnecting with myself you have given me understanding where I was beginning to feel there was no hope. If anyone reading this wants truth and clarrification then phone Sam. Thank you so much xx

  • Margarita - 06/02/2017 star star star star star

    Really had a beautiful reading Sam brought a smile to my face and would recommend Sam to anybody xx

  • Paulin - 03/02/2017 star star star star star

    Spoke to Sam today (3/2/17) was brilliant, Thank you very much I was on the verge of turning my back on someone you have now given me reason to hang on for longer. Brilliant reader just asked for my name and things went from there. You have also made me look more closely at my future all I can say is thank you for helping me see some sense in my life

  • charlotte - 09/01/2017 star star star star star

    I just had a reading with Sam 7404 Wow,what a beautiful lady she is. Her warmth could be felt down the phone. Insightful,kind and spot on. Thank you Sam for your guidance.

  • Lisa - 09/12/2016 star star star star star

    Amazing... I hope everything Sam said to me does happen

  • Claire - 28/10/2016 star star star star star

    Thank you Sam 7404 for such a wonderful reading x

  • Claire - 19/10/2016 star star star star star

    Lovely lovely reading Sam told me just what I needed to hear. Confirmed that I should take a trip to Italy that I had been thinking about and let go of a past relationship. Couldn't have asked for more, thanks so much Sam ❤️

  • TahniA - 17/10/2016 star star star star star

    Best reading ever! Love u sam

  • Saskia - 26/09/2016 star star star star star

    Lovely reading really helped me and gave me hope for the future...during the call I got a text from my soulmate and I took this as a sign. Very nice to talk to. Works with Angels. Very accurate reading xxx

  • O - 15/09/2016 star star star star star

    Sam is an angel you can hear you can talk you can see. Thank you Sam

  • dipika - 28/07/2016 star star star star star

    Thank u sooo much super reading Sam is just amazing soul sam is friendly understamding and good liistner she is honset in what is tellimg you no messing which l liked and l am happy what l heard thank you bless you sam xx

  • Marianna - 25/07/2016 star star star star star

    Sam is very gentle, caring and gifted medium and clairvoyant. She has guided me through my two ares of uncertainty with accuracy and understanding. Her rwading gave me clarity and set me on the path thst is right for me. I would highly recommend her. Love and light. M

  • Stephanie - 08/07/2016 star star star star star

    Sam is a very lovely and compassionate lady and her readings are scarily accurate. When I called her with a career question she told me that I was on two paths (which is unusual) and my current path / career is actually a steppingstone for my dream career. This is something that I had suspected and she told me that I should follow the path of my current career and save money from it to help pay for tuition for my dream career. This is something that I had already considered - such a gifted psychic! I would highly recommend her as she has not only given me fantastic guidance but has also filled me with confidence in pursuing my dream.

  • Lisa - 07/07/2016 star star star star star

    Lovely woman! Very understanding with lighthearted humour and such a caring person... She's made me realise my situation and which path I should take and made me realise that I was in fact very much still in love with my ex and gave me hope that everything will be ok. Feeling very positive and happy about my future now... Thank you so much, after feeling like I'm stuck in a rut it feels great to have a gentle bit of guidance... I would highly recommend. Love her... xxxx

  • Sarah - 10/06/2016 star star star star star

    Had a lovely reading with Sam, really benefited from her warmth and loving energy and her angelic message. She was able to spot on describe the dynamics of my two children's relationships and what they need as they grow up. Could recommend.

  • Deborah - 21/05/2016 star star star star star

    Sam is extremely gifted. She was so accurate with my personality and past and knew what I did for a living before I told her. She is so warm, enthusiastic. I ca not wait for my future to come true. Thank you sam

  • Karon - 13/05/2016 star star star star star

    A very lively lady who connected well with me giving me a very upbeat reading with lots of validations & future things to look forward too. Has a very unique style of her own as she is able to tune in your higher vibration making for a very interesting reading. Highly recommend. Karon

  • Sabina - 26/04/2016 star star star star star

    Another great reading with Sam. She always gives me hope. Suffering from depression and anxiety I'm always worried about my future. Sam put my mind at ease and made me realise things about myself. I've got a great life ahead of me with the love of my life and I can't wait to call you back and catch up. Love you Sam xxx

  • Cal - 25/04/2016 star star star star star

    Just had a wonderful reading with Sam. Lots of positive things coming my way, She helped me realise that I am worthy, and I will definitely be getting on that plane!

  • L - 04/04/2016 star star star star star

    Spoke to Sam today, I was feeling down and what she said made a lot of sense, was kind to me and I ended the call feeling much better with faith and hope in my heart, bless you Sam x

  • SL - 21/03/2016 star star star star star

    Sam was so delightful and wonderful to speak to. She was spot on what has happened and was able to offer a perspective on things. I look forward hopeful now. Xxx

  • usi - 17/03/2016 star star star star star

    Sam brings positive vibes, very helpful and honest. Lovely advice.

  • Limz - 14/03/2016 star star star star star

    Sam you are an absolute legend. You made me understand so much of what has being going on in my life and why they occurred. I feel so much more enlightened. Look forward to many more readings. Amazing reader,accurate, and specific. No prompts needed. This amazing lady will clear all your problems and help you understand the true meaning to your life xxxxx

  • Mary - 24/02/2016 star star star star star

    Highly recommended! She's Amazing, Awesome and lovely lady. she told me exactly what I was wondering about and without any questions.. Thank you my dear Sam I promise I will do what told me to do.

  • Ropa - 24/02/2016 star star star star star

    Lovely lady,fabulous, on point reading and thé truth about my situation. Thanx so much!

  • Rose - 19/02/2016 star star star star star

    Very direct and reassuring reading with accuracy. Also areas of warnng as well as the good stuff! Thank you Sam and Arky!

  • Maria Carmen Alaminos - 19/02/2016 star star star star star

    Sam is a very kind and lovely lady. She picked up on what was troubling me without difficulty and told me to be patient which is hard for me at the moment as I miss my partner very much. I totally recommend her she is a gem.

  • D - 12/02/2016 star star star star star

    Such an honest reader who reads from the heart. Didn't have to ask any questions and gave me such hope and picked up on my situation straight away.

  • Christopher - 10/02/2016 star star star star star

    Such a beautiful, kind spirit. Left me hope and light in my heart. Thank you for a wonderful reading though and I'll be sure to let you know about my 'baby' ;)

  • B.W - 08/02/2016 star star star star star

    Sam was able to provide me with a accurate picture of my current situation. Comforting and very reassuring, I would definitely use her again.

  • Anon - 13/01/2016 star star star star star

    Great reading! Very positive lovely lady full of good insight! Wonderful

  • Sabina - 11/01/2016 star star star star star

    Sam is such an incredible person. We had a right laugh and she made my day as she always does everytime we speak. I've been feeling really low lately and after speaking to Sam I feel like nothing can bring me down and that I have so much to look forward to. I have a life to plan so thank you Sam so much for giving me hope. So much love for you xxx

  • L - 26/12/2015 star star star star star

    Compassionate reader; very encouraging. Provided lots of information regarding my concerns (and even picked up on one concern I didn't mention!). Many thanks again!

  • anonymous - 25/12/2015 star star star star star

    I had a reading with Sam today. She connected with me right away and I had a great reading with her, t was like a therapy. The best thing about Sam is that she tells you what kind of options you've got so that you can make your own choices, however she is very good at guiding you towards the right ones. I can surely recommend her with pleasure to all those who not only need to know about their future but also those who care how to make it better.

  • SL - 14/12/2015 star star star star star

    Hi I just would like to leave some feedback for Sam. She was such a caring and and sweet reader and I enjoyed her reading. She was spot on with my situation and when I was feeling like there was no hope with the situation she made me see there was. I am looking forward to seeing what happens with delight and I will be posting how things turn out! Fingers crossed xx

  • Amanda - 14/12/2015 star star star star star

    I would like to thank angel for my lovely Christmas card and my little angel I carry her every where with me and I have had a lovely reading with Sam I dont know what I would do with out her she takes the sadness away and always puts a smile on my face I would highly recommend her to any one she has a gental kind caring voice and always puts me on the right track

  • amanda - 10/12/2015 star star star star star

    Had a reading with Sam she is carming and always takes the sadness away and lightens up your day she is one of the best a true gifted person and carming with her voice and up lifting she is a god sent and a beautiful angel I would highly recommend her her readings Are great and always true

  • vanessa - 23/11/2015 star star star star star

    lovely sweet, etcentric in a good way, very accurate and loving really lifted my spirits, so positive. x

  • Sabina - 02/11/2015 star star star star star

    From the moment I heard her voice I knew she was going to put a smile on my face and she did exactly that. A friend recommending me to Sam and I couldn't think her enough. Sam your such an amazing woman. No need to say anymore.

  • Katherine - 12/08/2015 star star star star star

    Lovely reading from Sam very uplifting!!! And a compassionate person xx

  • Annonymous - 25/06/2015 star star star star star

    I had a 20 minute reading with Sam (7404). Sam is a very comforting individual and relieved me of a lot of tension and unanswered questions I had pending. She seemed to know me so well, I was astonished at some of the things she told me as they were all very true. When Sam spoke to me about my father who has now passed on I was lost for words! I was really overwhelmed. It's just a shame I didn't get to speak with her for a longer length of time. However I will be calling Sam later this evening to finish our convo. Sam is truly a beautiful spirit with tons of positive energy flowing! I feel so much better after speaking with her. Thank you so much!

  • Angie A - 18/06/2015 star star star star star

    I have just had a reading with Sam. What a wonderful friendly lady. I can highly reccommend Sam for a reading .I felt she was spot on about everything and gave me so much to hope for when i felt things were beyond repair. Heres to my new hope ful life. Thankyou for having Sam on the end of my phone.

  • M - 18/06/2015 star star star star star

    Sam was a revelation, she tapped into the issues at hand and gave a reading with love and softness and healing power. Thank you Sam.

  • Gabrielle - 18/06/2015 star star star star star

    I honestly can say that this reading with Sam was one of the best reading I had in many years. I am still in ave and cannot thank Sam enough for her outstanding ability in tuning into my request so quickly with such accuracy that really has blown me away. I found my reader for the future if I need advice again. Thank you Sam you are an Angel for sure….much love

  • Rachel - 18/06/2015 star star star star star

    Just wanted to write a thank you to Sam and Arky for their help today. I phoned because I was lost in my life a difficult period, she put me at ease, she soon found the energy of my father who she knew down to a tee. THank you very much I can’t wait to speak to you again soon. Her mannerisms, her professionalism, can’t recommend her highly enough, and most of all, she made me smile again.

  • Dawn - 18/06/2015 star star star star star

    Had a phone reading to locate hubby who only passed away in April,she is quite amazing in her ability and i was truly amazed and reasured,she is lovely and very therapeutic,quite cheered me up.she gave me a message and has solved a problem,my father in law would be very pleased with your message and hubby would be delighted what a tribute!will phone you again,so pleased

  • E.S. - 18/06/2015 star star star star star

    I am writing to let you know that Sam, one of your Psychics is absolutely fabulous! She is what I would describe as ‘Forever Young’, full of beautiful, positive energy with a true talent for connecting with people. I am very pleased with my reading with her and she is most definitely a credit to your company. Wishes you and your team, all the very best in life.

  • Jacqueline - 18/06/2015 star star star star star

    This is feedback for Sam – I had a reading today with Sam and she has opened my eyes to powers in knew I had but really was unsure of myself or how use or developed them. Well let me tell you, she pointed me in the right direction and this time in my life I will listen to the messages she gave me. Sam after our conversation, there was this beautiful smell of perfume and yes I know that it is confirmation as to what you told that I needed to – yes I will be doing that healing course, I have already started research on it, and yes I will try and find a development class to enable a better understanding as to what is happening to me. I just wanted to tell you a big thank you for all the things you said and your predictions although far into the future I know that they will happen. You know I could go on and on about the things you said but let me just tell everyone that your gifts are real and yes there is a big difference to what is on offer on other sites. I thoroughly enjoyed our chat and know that the things you told me were not from you but from my angels and spirit guides around me. Thank you I will definitely be coming back.

  • Dave - 18/06/2015 star star star star star

    I’ve owned my house and have lived here for five years, but for some inexplicable reasons, I’ve not been able to recognise this as my ‘home’. A friend recommended that I should speak to Sam about this. So I called, and instantly she picked up a feeling that there was work required here before I could make the transition of making this (albeit beautiful) house a home. I’ve had problems sleeping and felt (sometimes) uncomfortable going about my day-to-day business. It’s been a week or two since my consultation with Sam and I must say, I feel a lot different about my ‘home’ and despite the current Indian summer we’re having, it’s been wonderful being awaken by the alarm clock again, and not laying awake at 5am waiting for the alarm to go off! I thoroughly recommend Sam. I found her entirely trustworthy, approachable, open and chatty.

  • Pam - 18/06/2015 star star star star star

    I wanted to take this further opportunity and write to you with regards to my recent time spent with Sam and Arky. I cannot express in words the difference this wonderful angel and her guide has brought to my life. Sam & Arky have helped me realise who my spirit guide is, a lovely woman called Elsie, Sam & Arky have helped me realise that my feelings for my friend are correct and that he is my soulmate Sam took me through emotional healing after a very difficult few years. Since that very moment, my whole temperament has changed, I have wiped the slate clean, and I now look forward through clear, sparkling eyes, to a new happy life, with my soulmate, and my sons. I will keep in touch regularly with Sam & Arky. Sam is a true angel, and a soul that I am so glad I have had the pleasure to meet, and I look forward to keeping in touch with Sam, and learning more from her. Please send her my deepest love, and I send my love to you all at Pure Insight, for bringing me and a truly wonderful woman and Arky and Elsie together.

  • Eileen M - 18/06/2015 star star star star star

    Lovely reading, thanks very much.

  • I.H. - 18/06/2015 star star star star star

    Excellent reading, the best I have had.

  • S. W. - 18/06/2015 star star star star star

    Sam is very insightful, and very very astute.

  • Eddy - 18/06/2015 star star star star star

    Really excellent reading, couldn’t fault it, will phone again.

  • Lucy - 18/06/2015 star star star star star

    Absolutely fantastic, will call again.

  • M - 18/06/2015 star star star star star

    Angel, your readers are incredible! I was referred to one of your readers by a friend of mine. I spoke with Sam. I was suffering with depression, now I feel much better. Thanks to you. Bless you.

  • Pauline C - 18/06/2015 star star star star star

    I just had to phone in because my reading with Sam pin 7403 was very good. In fact she has really helped me, her reading was excellent and I would recommend her to everyone. Many thanks

  • Anika - 18/06/2015 star star star star star

    Sam answered all my questions, great reading thanks

  • Vivien - 18/06/2015 star star star star star

    I have just had a reading with Sam and it was wonderful”. I feel that I can now face my future with my spirits renewed.

  • Mary - 18/06/2015 star star star star star

    Sam is so spot on, You are abreath of fresh air…so honest and true.

  • K.N. - 18/06/2015 star star star star star

    I had my reading with Sam pin 7403. I thought she was lovely and what she said made sense. Thank you Sam, I will be in touch soon.

  • Kelly - 18/06/2015 star star star star star

    When I rang Sam I was feeling very low. Thanks to her wonderful reading I now feel able to cope and I am looking forward to her predictions coming true in the future. Highly recommended.

  • Anonymous - 18/06/2015 star star star star star

    I would like to thank Sam extension number 7404 for my reading she was fantastic gave me great news and news I already new he is amazing very friendly and softly spoken thank you x

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