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Reading Your Own Tarot? Don’t Make These 3 Mistakes

Whether you’re a beginner to the world of Tarot or you’ve been practising the art for a while, it’s often worth assessing your technique and looking for ways to improve.

After all, the most gifted Tarot readers are open minded beings with a willingness to try new things and consider new perspectives. Here are 3 Tarot reading mistakes to avoid:

#1 : Reading Your Tarot When You’re Feeling Emotional

If you’ve just broken up with your partner, you’ve lost your job or a relative is refusing to speak to you, you may turn to the Tarot for comfort. Although you’re looking for answers and guidance, this is not the time to do a Tarot reading. Your emotions are probably running high and, as much as you may want to rectify the situation, turning to the Tarot in times of emotional crisis is just likely to result in an inaccurate reading.

For a reading to be truly meaningful and insightful, they’re best carried out during times of peace and tranquillity. If you try to read your Tarot when you’re feeling emotional, you run the risk of misinterpreting the information and following the wrong path.

#2: Doing Multiple Readings On The Same Topic

Many readers who are new to the world of Tarot make the mistake of carrying out multiple readings on the same topic. Whether they’re keen to learn as much as they possibly can or they want to clarify certain messages, their intentions are well meaning but often the cause of conflicting results.

Try not to bombard yourself with too many cards at once and avoid asking the Tarot similar questions. Similar questions could include the following:

  • Is my partner unhappy?
  • Will my partner leave me?
  • Will our love last?

#3 Choosing The Meaning You Want

Each Tarot card can have a wide range of meanings. Although this makes this a rich and complex method of reading your fortune, if you go out of your way to research all the different meanings, you may find it hard to determine which one is right for you.

Resist the temptation to go searching the different meanings online following a Tarot reading. After all, you’ll just end up picking the meaning that you want rather than the meaning that actually applicable.  Instead, listen to your heart and use your intuition. When you look at the card, what does it say to you? What are your initial thoughts?

Reading Your Own Tarot. Don't Make These Mistakes

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