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Reasons To Appreciate The New Moon

A new moon is a really powerful time and can hold many benefits to those who appreciate its energy. Here we take a look at what a new moon can do for you.

It can facilitate new beginnings

The perfect time to begin something new is during a new moon. Whether it’s a career change, a house move or you decide to have a baby, the new moon can help facilitate any of your new beginnings. Many people find that they succeed more by starting their new ventures during the new moon because this time is seen as a clear cut opportunity to begin something fresh.

It can wash away negativity

The power of the new moon has the ability to dispel any negativity in your life. Some find it helpful to write down everything negative in their life, and things they wish to change, on a piece of paper and burn it under the new moon. It’s a sort of cleansing ritual that can help bring positivity back into your life.

It can help with creation

As well as helping with new beginnings, the new moon can actually help you create things. Many interpret this as creating life but it can do much more than that. Creation is a term that covers anything that you bring into existence. Whilst that may be a new child, it could be anything from a book or art project, to a new filing system at work or a DIY project. Anything you decide to create can be helped into fruition by the new moon.

It can recalibrate your life

Day-to-day activities can throw us out of balance. Even without big life events our energy can become unbalanced just by small, cumulative actions. Over time this can lead to us becoming out of sync and off balance. This can affect all of our decisions, our mindset and even the actions we take. The new moon is a chance to recalibrate your life and get things back in balance. Meditate during the full moon to feel back to your old self.

It can give you renewed energy

Feeling lethargic? A little rundown? Or blue? The new moon can give you renewed energy and a new sense of purpose. Take a stroll under the new moon or perform a healing and meditation ceremony, using the cosmic push of the moon as a catalyst for energy restoration.

What are you looking for from the new moon? Whether it’s help with love & relationships, self improvement, meditation & healing or something else, let us know how the new moon positively affects your life.

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