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Spiritual Chills – What are they?

Have you ever experienced a sudden chill throughout your body, or randomly gotten goose bumps?

The chill could be on one side of your body, all over, or perhaps up and down your spine. It’s not like a normal shiver, but more like the feeling of energy flowing through your body, causing a tingle, shudder or even goose bumps.

If this sounds familiar, then you may have experienced ‘spiritual chills’.

Spiritual Chills can be a direct sign from your spirit guides or angels that they are reaching out to you, or are trying to send you a message or confirmation of something. So next time this happens to you, take notice and pay attention!

What Spiritual Chills mean

If you have recently experienced a spiritual chill, and want to understand what it means, then you must begin to think about the situation and what you were thinking about or doing when you felt the chill.

Were you mediating, or trying to communicate with your spirit guides? Were you in the midst of a deep conversation with a friend, partner, or other loved one? If you can think back to what was on your mind, or if there was something you were unsure of at the time, then you can begin to decipher the message behind the spiritual chill.

For example, you could be telling a friend how much you’ve always loved to travel, and how you would love to take off and see the world whilst you’re still young, but you are nervous and unsure. You feel a sudden chill sensation down one side of your body as you are talking to your friend. This could be a message from your angels telling you to go for it, follow your dreams!

A warning?

If you’ve ever walked into a room, or an unfamiliar place and gotten chills all over your body, the hair on your arms or the back of your neck stands up, or you have a general bad feeling about the place, then pay attention to this. It could be some kind of a warning or alert, and it’s probably best to remove yourself from the situation if the chill feels negative.

A confirmation

Spiritual chills can also serve as a positive confirmation from above. A great example could be if you have been searching for a new home. Nowhere has been quite right, but you walk into a property and instantly feel tingles all over your body, in a nice way! This could be a sign that you have finally found your new home, and that your angels approve.

Have you ever experienced spiritual chills? Remember to listen carefully to the message! Need help understanding what your angels are telling you, then an in depth angel reading with a gifted psychic reader may help.


  1. I feel like I’m always fighting with myself spiritually I keep have dark thoughts in my head but I don’t act on them but I don’t understand why I’m having them could it be possible due to the fact that I’m a Wiccan or is it something else ????

  2. I’m getting chills now and I believe that it my Guardian angel and it with me at all times.

  3. I get chills when I go somewhere in my house that I don’t like a sport goes from my head to my toes it happens when im in my basement i creeped or cause I did ouija…

  4. Hello, I’m always getting chills only in the center of my back . I’ve always said that a Spirit Guide is with me . I ask it to guide me thru the day .
    I’ve also had premanitions since I was twelve years old. I don’t usually dream either, but I see visions of things to come . These things happen between 3hours,3 days,3weeks, or 3 months . All my vision have come true. I see these visions as if I was watching a movie. But I wish I could understand these cold chills. I always hope for the best. I believe we all have angels with us every day . These cold feeling can last for hours or just 10 to 15 minutes. The one I have right now has been with me this morning for about 20 minutes now. I just talk to it, sometimes I can tell when it is a man or a women, I don’t know how but I just do. Weird ,I know ,but then no one believes me anyway . I am glad I am not the only one .

  5. I’m always getting chills only in the center of my back . I’ve always said that a Spirit Guide is with me . I ask it to guide me thru the day .I’ve also had premanitions since I was twelve years old. I wish I could understand these cold chills. I always hope for the best.

  6. My brother Pass away in November of 2016 In a tragic car accident him and his girlfriend In starting this month in april our birth month i have been getting cold shells my upper back

  7. I lost my husband in January this year – 2017. Yesterday was a difgicult day for me and I lay in bed miserable and fighting back tears. All of a sudden my whole body was actually tingling. My legs arm back feet torso. It was unbelievable then almost at once I felt warm and the sadness in my heart went away. I spoke to my husband in spirit then was able to get on with my day…I believe I experienced Spirit Chills and this is how I’ve found this page. I wanted to understand if Angels and Chills are connected because it has happened before….❤

  8. i have gotton chills for years now, does that mean any thing? does age have anything to do with it and i am 12, so i am kind of freaking out………..

  9. I remember this distinctly for I will never forget it and I’ve always wondered if it was warning, should I have done something or not done something to prevent the death of my dear friend? It was the night before she died, in the Dennys bathroom, we both got goosebumps at the very same time. We just laughed it off because we were often thinking the same things and was just very connected, I guess. I wonder all the time if we should’ve paid more attention that and maybe she’d still be here today.

  10. I have been experiencing these types of chills for over a decade now. They always happen when I am thinking.. and they do confirm things. Whatever it is you are thinking.. if you get the chills.. they are just confirming what you thought. They can be controlled as well. I can get these types of chills whenever I choose. Anyone can. All you have to do is speak things that are true to your heart with conviction.. and bam.. lit up light the fourth. Ive gotten so good at this.. I can keep the chills going for almost 4 minutes solid. This releases huge amounts of dopimene to the intuitive forecasting parts of your brain. The more and more you do this.. the more and more you will be able to see events that are coming.. be able to identify with people and there feelings real easy. Understanding will come real easy to you as well. Things you shouldnt know.. you just will. I could go on and on. I AM actually going to the Univ. Of Washington this week and going to let them do some studies on me. Science cannot explain where these come from except from colds and flus.. etc. WRONG.. they can be controlled and once you learn how.. It will change you life forever. BE WARNED

  11. Thanks for this, I’ve always experienced these chills! And they’ve grown to become more prominent as I’ve gotten older, I’m sixteen and Im becoming more aware of signs and this sort of stuff, im more tuned into Empathy. Although sometimes I can’t decipher what these chills mean! An example was when I was in my nans house a week or two ago, my grandad had just passed away by then and it wasn’t always when she was speaking about him that I’d get the feeling but just in general when I’d be in her house… would that mean confirmation that he’s there, am I feeling her energy? I don’t know… anyway, hope youve read this and thanks again 🙂

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