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Steps to a Successful Job Change

Changing jobs can be a daunting experience and requires a lot of courage! We love these steps from the on successful job switching.

Be honest with yourself

Ask yourself these questions. Are you ready for change? Are you ready to handle any chaos that will surely arise during the change? Are you brave and strong enough? Be honest in your answers and visualise how your life might change.

Move through the fear

Write down all of your fears. Are you worried you may fail? Are you concerned about relocating somewhere new or what people may think of you? Write all of this down and create a strategy for dealing with these fears


Write down on your calendar an estimate of when you will start searching for a new job, when you will accept your new job, when you will resign from your current job and when you will start the new chapter in your life. Make sure it’s realistic and that you do all you can to stick to it!

Jenny’s advice is brilliant, and we would recommend anybody considering a career move to read her words of wisdom.

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