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Stop comparing yourself to others…now!

We’ve probably all being guilty of it, comparing our lives and how successful or happy we are based on the lives of others.

This article by Dan Cumberland, offers some words of wisdom on what can often be an upsetting thought process.

Dan believes in the importance of considering who we include in our ‘circle of comparison’ and how these people make you feel.  A great example is the photo sharing app Instagram. Following people who appear to have the ‘perfect’ life can be damaging, causing us to make comparisons towards our own lives.   Unfollowing these people or leaving Instagram is a great way to stop you from making those comparisons.

Comparing yourself to others who are further along in their career path than you can also be frustrating! As Dan says, when you compare yourself to the most successful people around you, you will always come up short.

It can be difficult to stop comparing yourself to others all together, but choosing carefully who you are surrounded by and who you compare yourself to is important.

Set yourself the task today to unfollow those who shouldn’t be in your comparison circle, and reach out to those who should.

You can read the full article by Dan here.

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