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Summer Solstice Tarot Spread

Summer is finally upon us, making this the perfect time to dig your BBQ out of the shed and enjoy picnics in the park. Thanks to longer days and happier moods, the summer season can open up a world of opportunities and fresh starts. Keen to make the most of it? Here’s our guide to the perfect summer solstice tarot spread:

Card 1 gives you a sneak peek into what will bloom this summer. It will give you an insight into the opportunities that lie ahead while inspiring you to grab the ones that offer you the most promising results.

Card 2 is all about new beginnings. Is the summer likely to spring any happy surprises on you? Will someone new enter your life? Will you get the chance to start afresh? This card will give you a glimpse into the blank canvas that is your summer.

Card 3 reveals the source of your opportunities. Is it someone who loves you? Maybe it’s a friend or colleague who wants to repay you for all your kindness. Perhaps it’s your own ambition, determination and drive.

Card 4 tells you where to find the keys to abundance. Whether you want to make this the summer of wealth, love, friendship or fun, this card will point you in the right direction and help you locate the tools you need.

Card 5 is all about identifying your successes and celebrate your wins. If you often find it difficult to sing your own praises, this card will show you what you’ve done well so that you can spend your summer appreciating your strengths.

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